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Co-founder of the Alvarium, father and independent, Jean-Eudes Gannat is an activist  rooted in Anjou. He signs his first book here.


Why Alvarium?  From an anti-natural policy to Secession


A small center of cultural and social action at the origin of various initiatives (from Anjou to the other side of the world), the Alvarium turned Angers political life upside down, causing multiple demonstrations, the resignation of a France Insoumise official who fell in love with an activist, that of a mayor elected for almost 30 years, the end of antifa subsidies, etc. The subject of a multitude of articles and reports, the Angevin community ended up worrying the Minister of the Interior himself, who arbitrarily decided to dissolve it at the end of 2021.

A simple human institution, the Alvarium obviously has its share of failures, errors, disappointments and imperfections; the Church itself is far from being exempt from it! But in 4 years of existence, this organization has known a unique trajectory on the European militant scene. The author of these lines does not claim to have invented everything; many of the initiatives presented here had precedents all over Europe, sometimes long before the Alvarium and in a more successful way.  But a little over 200 years after the Catholic Army and the chouanneries, Anjou seems to have once again become a laboratory of revolt against the modern world, which has disseminated certain methods and certain ideas.

Why this secessionist fever and this community momentum at a time of liquid society? Review of the past years, pamphlet, reflections on the right and secessionism; the pamphlet you are about to read is a bit of all of this and attempts to explain a phenomenon that goes far beyond the militant framework.

Why Alvarium? From an anti-natural policy to Secession

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