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This book has a double ambition: educational and militant. First of all, to feed the thoughts of Catholics who feel torn between their fidelity to Christ and the need for a firm and courageous reaction to the immigration-invasion. Convince that Christian charity and identity struggle are in no way opposed. Free reflections on the origin of the social bond and therefore on the crisis of belonging, it is for him to show that Catholicism has always been an extraordinary matrix of cultures, remastering human identities. Answering these questions: doesn't Christian universalism necessarily lead to globalism? Isn't opposing immigration contrary to the Gospel and to Christian charity? What fair and equitable response should we bring to the migration crisis? Can we still assimilate immigrants living in our country or do we have to organize remigration? Can converting Muslims to Christianity save us from civil war? How can we resist the consumerism that undermines our identity in depth?


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  "From the Tower of Babel to the theory of gender, the same totalitarian project crosses the centuries: to wipe out all the differences that structure the human race (sex, belonging to a province, a nation or a civilization) to erect a new man. Abortion, PMA-GPA, Taubira law, wild globalization and Great replacement: these deadly phenomena are only the multiple heads of a new Lernes hydra. Cut off one head and a second regrows immediately. This is why Julien Langella launches an appeal to Catholics and all men of good will: against sorcerer's apprentices who want to redraw the contours of humanity, we must engage in total resistance. Let's be consistent: we must move from the Demonstration for all to the complete reconquest Based on the Bible and the traditional teaching of the Church, the author shows the obvious link that unites the Christian message to the fight for identity, and how this could well be the condition. n of the survival of the Faith in Europe"


Biography of Julien Langella

Julien Langella is 30 years old, an activist since he was 18 (at Action Française then at Jeunesses Identitaires), co-founder of Génération Identitaire in 2011 and vice-president of the Academia Christiana association which he joined in 2013.



Catholics and Identity - Julien Langella

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