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For a long time, our family of thought has been making the right diagnoses based on a critical analysis of the modern world. It remained to draw some guidelines. Trying to reconcile pragmatism and ideal,  this program contains measures that are both realistic and radical, to treat our ills at the root. As Gustave Thibon summed it up, “society becomes hell as soon as you want to make it a paradise”. It is therefore in no way a question of applying an ideology to reality. We want to rebuild a world preserved from progressive totalitarianism and the absolute domination of the powers of money. We want a city where men can relearn the meaning of freedom and responsibility, the love of their identity and the courage to defend it in all circumstances.


Collective work:

Speakers and contributors from the Academia Christiana think tank have focused on their chosen field to write this program. Senior civil servants, economists, elected officials, teachers, university professors or doctors, what drives them is their love of the common good.


Contents :

  • Preface, Jean-Eudes Gannat

  • School and education, Victor Aubert

  • French foreign policy, Thibaud Gibelin

  • Agriculture and food, Guillaume Travers

  • The family, pivot of society: from dissolution to recognition, Anne Trewby

  • Money and finance, Guillaume Travers

  • Taxation, Guillaume Travers

  • Rule of law and review of the constitutionality of laws, Guillaume Bernard

  • Insecurity and justice, Guillaume Bernard

  • Identity emergency: from immigration law to remigration law, Jean-Yves Le Gallou

  • Social Policy, Guillaume Travers

  • Health, Dr. Michel Pareti

  • Memory and identity, Victor Aubert

  • Culture, Anne Brassié and contributors

  • Relocation, Guillaume Travers


Before each election, the word program is on everyone's lips. The political proposals fuse from all sides without ever being really read by the voters.


In this work, Academia Christiana proposes, in the main areas – from foreign policy to health, via education or taxation – concrete measures to get back to basics, preceded by a presentation on the state of the subject treated and followed by a development on the ideal vision of this theme, objective to be achieved in the medium or long term. Drawing on their expertise, the authors, senior civil servants, economists, elected officials, teachers, university professors and even doctors, draw up clear observations and propose specific solutions. So many measures with which it is possible to compare the programs of the different candidates in order to judge their real concern for the common good. So here is an excellent tool at the service of political discernment, to put in everyone's hands, at a time when millions of French people are preparing to make their choice.

Political program of a generation in the storm - New edition

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