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Collection of spiritual and political texts to feed the militants of the reconquest. 


It is youth that keeps the world cool, wrote Bernanos. This world, cooled by consumerist brutality and rendered lukewarm by the sacrifice of love on the altar of the Silver-king, requires an ardent youth, inaccessible to discouragement. This youth must be radical: want to attack the evil at its root, without compromise and without eccentricities with courage and seriousness. This generation in the storm, which advances in the middle of the ruins, it needs a compass: not a sclerotic ideological machine but clear and just principles, formulated in an intelligible way to bring realistic answers to the ambient confusion. This is the ambition of this work, bringing together previously published and unpublished texts, updated as needed, and covering various themes: identity and immigration, homelands and globalization, ecology and modernity, family and education, youth and commitment, God and us. …


Obviously imperfect, this work surely deserves touch-ups. We hope it fuels the flame that burns within you and helps you consume the world. Ahead ! 


Authors gathered in this brochure  : 

Viktor Ober, Julien Langella, Charles Maurras, Stéphanie Bignon, Nicolas Pralude, Alain de Benoist, Arnaud Daniou, José Antonio Primo de Rivera, Xavier Eman, Martin Heidegger, Dominique Venner, Gustave Thibon, RP Louis-Marie de Blignières, Christiana Campo, Leon Bloy. 

Breviary for a generation in the storm - New edition

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